Hey, Sunflower


Hey, Sunflowers. How wonderful you are, just standing here in the sun doing your thing. There are so many of you, each adding something special to the patch. You are all so beautiful.

Hey, Sunflower. Look at you, standing there all tall and proud, soaking up that sunshine. It’s hard not to notice you with that kind of confidence. My gosh, you’re beautiful.

Hey, Sunflower. You’re so bright and lively. It makes everyone want to get closer to you because you’re a joy to be near. You make everyone around you smile, and that’s really beautiful.

Hey, Sunflower. There you are, tucked away behind the other flowers. You’re not one to put on a show, for you don’t really like a lot of attention. But you still like to be seen now and then. I saw you, and you’re beautiful.

Hey, Sunflower. Feeling a little shy today? It’s okay. You don’t have to reveal yourself to anyone you don’t want to. I get it. Some days you just need to keep to yourself. And you know what? That’s beautiful. 

Hey, Sunflower. Life can feel a little crazy sometimes, can’t it? Everything is spinning around you, but there you are, holding it together and staying strong—even on the days you want to start spinning, too. You’re so beautiful. 

Hey, Sunflower. I know how it is—some days you feel small and a little weak. The sun doesn’t seem to find its way to you there in the darker areas of the patch. But look how strong you really are, growing with so little sunlight. You are really beautiful. 

Hey, Sunflower. It’s hard waiting for your moment when everyone around you seems to be thriving. You want to blossom now, but it hasn't quite happened yet. Keep trying—your time is coming. But remember, you don’t need to bloom to be beautiful. You’ve already got that part down. 

Hey, Sunflower. It feels so unfair, right? The other flowers have all their petals and look so perfect. You watch the other sunflowers get picked, but no one ever picks you. You want to know the truth, Sunflower? You don’t need all those petals. You’re unique, and that makes you beautiful.

Hey, Sunflower. I know—some days you don’t want to let the world see you. Everyone expects you to be a bright, happy flower, but you don’t feel so bright and happy. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you’re sad. Maybe you just don’t feel yourself today. Whatever it is, it’s okay. Stay true to you—because that’s beautiful. 

Hey, Sunflower. Getting older is tough, right? You start to wrinkle and wilt, and everything about you is changing. But I see so much to admire in you. That color in your petals now? It looks like fire, like that flame still burning inside you. And look how the tiny flowers in your center have blossomed! You may be older, but you are still full of life. My gosh, you’re beautiful.

Hey, Sunflower. I’m so sorry you’re hurt. I know you’d give anything to be back in that field, standing tall in the sun, but here you are on the ground, getting trampled. I wish I could help. I may not know what to do, but I’ll sit here with you, Sunflower, because to me—no matter what—you’re beautiful.


Hey, Sunflower. Sometimes you may feel lonely, but look around you—you're never alone. Those flowers next to you? They love your company. And that bee? It needs you. You're important. And that's really beautiful.